The F6 reappears as an additional GoldWing model – including in Europe, but not UK

Now we know why the GL1800 got those funny-looking saddlebags!

Honda America have launched a stripped-down GoldWing variant, or rather two of them, called the GL1800 F6B and the F6B Deluxe, into the North American market.

Priced in the USA from $4,000 cheaper than the least expensive American GL1800 GoldWing variant, so $10,000 cheaper than the Airbag Model.  You get 28kg less bike for your money.  Only a few extra parts and low-cost colour changes to others were necessary to create these “new” bikes.

The F6B is therefore by no means the equivalent of the F6C/Valkyrie variant of the GL1500, which appeared during its model lifetime.  That was a proper, cruiser-style bike with a different frame.  The F6B is even called a “GoldWing F6B” so even GWOCGB members couldn’t make an argument about whether they are really GoldWings!

These bikes look like a GL1800 which has lost its windscreen, trunk and passenger seat back because that is essentially what has happened.  And if you buy the cheaper one of the two models (in the USA) you don’t even get self-cancelling indicators or a centre stand either.  No satnav, no ABS and no airbag either of course – and rather basic-looking passenger footpegs.

What you do get is the GL1800 frame, suspension and engine without the frills, so if you are solo rider that might do nicely for significantly less money.  The silly little windscreen might not suit you in a European climate and it makes you wonder why the Deluxe Model F6B comes with heated grips, but you’ll probably be able to fit a proper GL1800 windscreen without difficulty.  No rear speakers but there is an FM radio and a connection for your MP3 player.

There are only two colours on offer, red and black in either model.  And the black one is very black indeed, because the engine’s valve covers are black, as are a few other bits of plastic.  If you want sinister, the black F6B might be your cup of tea.

HondaUK have now confirmed to me that this model will not be sold in UK, even though it is available in Germany.

Will we see an F6b in UK?   Almost certainly because personal imports of F6Bs will be perfectly legal from the US as well as Germany and there are people who will help you bring them in.  There will be Wingers somewhere in UK as well as Europe rushing to buy one and get it over here in time for the first Treffen of the 2013 season!

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This article will be updated as further information emerges.  Please also read the Comments for updates.

Latest information is that the F6B will be sold widely across Europe but not in Scandinavia or UK.  Why not in UK?  HondaUK probably didn’t want it because they only sell a small number of GoldWings and didn’t want the complication of an extra model, simple as that.  They might be open to changing their mind if enough interest is shown by UK riders.

There is a single EU Model and it’s viewable on the Honda Germany website and in some video coverage of the Milan Bike Show (in French).  It will be available in red or black in Europe with ABS as standard but no passenger seat back, which will probably be an optional accessory.  No heated grips either.  No information yet about whether a centre stand or self-cancelling indicators are fitted.  It’s a specially built EU model (because it’s got ABS and the US Models don’t) and so it will probably have a standard EU Model GoldWing radio fit (except rear speakers) and therefore no option to fit the Hondaline CB radio.

No price for Europe yet but probably the usual pound for dollars, so about £20,000 and £4,000 less than the “proper” GoldWing.

F6B Deluxe


F6B – the basic model

9 Responses

  1. Ian C says ........

    You might think I’m crazy BUT I think I like the look of this bike – it might be great for our Saturday ride outs with the lads 🙂

  2. Stuart says ........

    And you won’t have to cut the windscreen down on this one either Ian! 😉

  3. Jim & Chandra says ........

    We like them 😛 … but they would have to be blue for us. Do you know if the American spec have CB’s built in them?

  4. Stuart says ........

    I like them too – especially the black one. But they are clearly cheaper, stripped-down GoldWings, so there’s no ABS for example, as well as no satnav or airbag.

    The US website doesn’t mention CB radio but I would anticipate that these bikes take the Hondaline CB accessory kit because all four “levels” of GoldWing model do that – and it wouldn’t save any money to take the option away, indeed it would cost money and there would be no reason to do it.

    It’s currently uncertain whether HondaUK will be selling the F6B and I suspect the email I got suggesting they would be sold in Europe was a mistake. It was a press release of information on the special press website Honda operates, on which there is no mention of the F6B. I guess that someone left the F6B in the email text by mistake but I might be wrong.

    Honda haven’t previously launched a new GoldWing model in Europe at the same time as in America. European GoldWings (I suppose we now need to say GL1800 GoldWings) are all one “level” (equivalent to the US top one) and have special features like the HISS system added to them as well as some missing bits, like the CB radio interface.

    Honda could sell an F6B in Europe without HISS or ABS if they wanted to but they would still have to secure EU homologation for the new model and it would still need to be different in some ways from their US-spec F6B, for example the FM radio would need to be the EU model, which would mean the CB option would be lost.

    Given the inate flexibility of the Kamamoto production line, a European F6B would be possible but I’ll believe it when I see it. Next year, maybe.

    No chance of a blue one this year, sorry.

  5. Harry Nelissen says ........

    GoldWing F6B will also come to Europe.

    Goldwing Fuchs in Germany has sent out newsletter yesterday about the new GL1800 F6B with link to their website about this news:

    In summary, it will come in limited numbers to Germany, version and colors still unknown. Also Dutch motormagazine confirmed it will come to Holland as well. So I would expect it also to be available in UK.

  6. Harry Nelissen says ........

    It is now on the Honda Website in Germany and also Italy, both colors are available in Europe, but only base version with ABS (in US without ABS) and the options on the luxery model in USA are seperate options for Europe.

  7. Bob Summers says ........

    The lack of top box and screen really change the shape of the wing. My opinion is still out on like or dislike. Looks very similar to the style of Victory and Harley Davidson though. Maybe its a necessary change to tempt the US market again.
    Doubt if we sill see one at the NEC.

  8. David Williams says ........

    I am not keen; it looks unfinished. Mother Honda will deem it success or failure by the sales figures.

    But what’s going to happen to the Club that only allow proper Goldwings in …..

  9. Harry Nelissen says ........

    I do not understand that Honda UK will not import the GoldWing F6B. It might not attract a lot of traditional Goldwing buyers, but will attract interest from the cruiser crowd,i.e. new Honda customers.

    Other European Honda distributors (Germany/Austria/Italy/France/BeNeLux) apparantly see it differently and will import GoldWing F6B. According a French motorcycle site, they will be available from March 2013 and will be priced € 5000 less then the base Gl800. If imported to UK this would imply a price for the GL1800 F6B around £ 20000.

    See also French video from Eicma which gives better view of changes on base GoldWing F6B model in black and the red version with accessories available from Honda Europe.